Eastside, the mixed-use commercial destination overflows with amenities for business, retail, the health sector, and sports facilities. It has an ideal location for entrepreneurs and investors looking to capitalize on the area’s perks, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to establish a presence in a prime location. Eastside is sure to be a sought-after destination, neighbored by the elite singular villa community of Stei8ht.

LMD develops Eastside to spark the energy and maintain it via 170 acres of interconnected structures designed to maintain the energy in a dynamic of infinite growth. The cycle then continues to diverge, producing a light ball that gathers energy from its surroundings and sends it in the direction of its goal.

Eastside’s Prime Location

Energy from Every Direction

The dynamic intersection between Mohamed Naguib Axis and Youssef Al Sebai boosts Eastside’s energy from every direction. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind prime location, at the core of New Cairo, with easy access to the East of Cairo, it stands as the true definition of ultimate accessibility. From afar, the green power radiates a special charm, privately enjoying direct access from Suez Road and proximity to the AUC and the airport.


Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Eastside is the intersection of functionality and aesthetics, built to cater to a spectrum of commercial needs. The entrance is an architectural masterpiece, with a sleek and modern glass façade that lures you in. All lobbies are spacious and well-lit, adorned with polished concrete floors and impressive 5-meter high ceilings. It features a large terrace with ample seating and lush greenery that breaths a relaxing and inspiring space for employees and visitors alike with an outdoor zone on the roof acting as an oasis of tranquility. The design promotes the ideal terms of health, wellness and safety through each corner of the project where all districts share one vast exclusive park mixed with an array of experiences through its embedded clubhouses and community centers, while each neighborhood also has the bonus benefit of an inclusive park of its own. The project is also self-sustained with its enormous individual district of mixed-use development that adds a new dimension of occasional wants and daily needs to all users. LMD provides the community with a phenomenal domain that offers the core essence of the “Stei8ht” of belonging.



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