Inspired by our kaleidoscopic world and its ever-evolving needs, 3-sixty introduces a full-fledged outlook on fun and functional integration, thanks to a multi-purpose vision melding the best in retail, offices and clinics under one seamless roof. Masterplanned by world leading collaborative design firm Gensler in collaboration with retail consultant JILL, 3-sixty lays the foundation of a holistic experience, attracting youth, families and business professionals in the heart of New Cairo’s Golden Square. Boasting contemporary building complexes with a spacious parking, the mixed-use destination offers cutting-edge polyclinics and medical centers, as well as an inspiring office park that captures the best in function and form. To perfect the experience, the retail space lies in the heart of the project, offering a colorful multitude of casual dining options, exquisite cafes and eateries as anchor points. From art and music galleries, daycare centers, beauty salons and a cutting-edge gym to an abundant variety of shops, a family entertainment center, a supermarket, as well as a cinema complex, 3-sixty simply lives up to its name.



Situated 42 km from Central Cairo, 3-sixty is directly located on Mohamed Bin Zayed Axis, straight in the heart of New Cairo’s Golden Square. Set to become the beating heart of the fifth settlement, the project places your business halfway between Cairo’s New Administrative Capital and New Cairo where life and the future unfold in every direction.

Time has come to experience a private state of your own, east of Cairo, grand enough to mirror your aspirations yet too intimate to envelop your well-being in 85% greenery and outdoor spaces. Stei8ht is in short; a peaceful state of constant regeneration, as well as a deep sense of inner belonging, thanks to harmonizing the human experience with natural beauty in one, refined context where green reigns supreme.


3-sixty is imaginatively planned by world-renowned Gensler to create a full-fledged pedestrian experience of uninterrupted walkability, thanks to interconnected streets and verdant promenades. Five elegantly appointed complexes with glass window facades, deploying the latest in cutting-edge design and technology to open onto a lively retail hub of non-stop entertainment where pocket parks, water features and entertainment unfold in every step. The design promotes the ideal terms of health, wellness and safety through each corner of the project where all districts share one vast exclusive park mixed with an array of experiences through its embedded clubhouses and community centers, while each neighborhood also has the bonus benefit of an inclusive park of its own. The project is also self-sustained with its enormous individual district of mixed-use development that adds a new dimension of occasional wants and daily needs to all users. LMD provides the community with a phenomenal domain that offers the core essence of the “Stei8ht” of belonging.



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